Le Mont Saint Michel, France

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Mont St Michel Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Mont St Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel-At-DuskAfter the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, Mont St Michel is the most visited site in France. The ancient city (founded in 709) is an official World Heritage Site.

Mont St Michel offers a wide variety of both small and large hotels. Many of the Mont St Michel hotels are located in the island township while others are located just outside. How you want to spend your holiday will determine where on the island you choose to stay.

Top Mont St Michel Attractions

Mont-Saint-Michel-ReflectionDon't spend your holiday in Mont St Michel without visiting these top three sites:

Once a humble little monastery, Abbey of Mont St Michel has evolved over the years, though is still a monastery. Be sure to check the visiting hours before scheduling your visit.

An architectural gem, Benedictine Palace is the home of Benedictine liqueur.

The first Benedictine monks built Notre-Dame Sous Terre Chapel in 966.


While on holiday, it is important to taste the local fare. Omelettes are a specialty in Mont St Michel - whipped until frothy and light, the omelettes are filled with lamb, cheese, and vegetables. Though there are plenty of eateries on Mont St Michel, some of them air on the side of a tourist trap. You will find a variety of wonderful restaurants in the surrounding countryside.

Mont St Michel Hotels

There is something for everyone in Mont St Michel. Normandy has everything from quaint bed and breakfasts to the most luxurious hotels in Mont St Michel as well as resorts. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Mont St Michel, you may want to stay off the island in Caen or Rouen. Be sure to book your accommodation in Mont St Michel well in advance and remember that the beach resort season runs from April to October.

Getting around by car

Dieppe to Mont St Michel: 3 h 12 min (309 km) via A84 and A13

Cherbourg to Mont St Michel: 1 h 58 min (174 km) via N13, N174 and A84

Paris to Mont St Michel: 3 h 50 min (358 km) via A13 and A84

Bordeaux to Monet St Michel: 5 h 24 min (548 km) via A10 and A83

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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