Marseille, France

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Welcome to Marseille

Marseille-Cityscape-at-nightYou're in Marseille! There's something about the city - maybe it's the vibrancy, the atmosphere or the rhythm of the port city as the locals bustle about their everyday lives. You look on in fascination, as you feel compelled to run down the street taking in each and every sight there is to see and new experience to be absorbed. Of course the Old Port was one of the first items on your to-do list.

The premier spot for an evening stroll for locals and tourists alike, whether you are looking to something to eat or drink, if you would like to purchase some fresh seafood or would rather track down a new pair of sunglasses, perhaps get into an argument or even fall in love? Your photography crazed friends quickly identified the southern end of the port with its stainless steel mirrored sun canopy as a perfect spot to get a few shots for the ole' social media. The Ferry Boat wove its way from the Town Hall across to the Old Port several times a day. As much as the Vieux Port is very the beating heart of the city, there is so much more to Marseille to see!

If you enjoy aesthetically pleasing architecture…

Marseille-View-of-Fort-Saint-JeanPack a picnic lunch and head over to the Palais Longchamp and its gorgeous and lush gardens. If you have a particular love for pink dolphins in fountains, you are in luck because this particular palace just happens to be surrounded by fountains containing, you guessed it: pink dolphin statues! We are not entirely sure why they are pink (something to do with the European City of Culture festival 2013), but if you are a fan, we would be amiss not to let you know that the palace is home to an entire zoo of colorful statue critters to befriend and take selfies with. Find a shady spot amongst the greenery and lie down in the cool grass while enjoying some cold cuts and champagne. And the best part of it all, it won't cost you a cent!

When in Europe…

One visits many churches, yet the Notre-Dame de la Garde is still one worth visiting. Now the half hour trek from the Old Port will lead you to the very summit of Marseille. With sweeping birds eye views, this vantage point is panorama picture perfect. On a clear day, you can see all for miles over the stunning European city and the glittering Mediterranean sea. Entrance to the church and its crypt are absolutely without fees, and of course, the view is free.

When you're itching to hit the road…

You know it's time to hire a car and take a road trip to Gordes, just under an hour and a half drive north-west of Marseille. Hidden in the mountains of Provence, this small village is known to be one of France's most beautiful. Prepare to be captivated by the historical buildings and the medieval air of the magnificent castle and church. Cobblestones and heart-stoppingly gorgeous purple fields of lavender, if you're not sold now, you will be when the village ensnares you with its sheer loveliness. Also not to miss is the nearby Senanque Abbey and Bories village.

You've been great with your accommodation budget…

So you deserve to treat yourself! Why not reward yourself and your travel buddy/buddies with a fancy night out? Fine dining at its best, visit Une Table Au Sud for Southern French cuisine with a contemporary twist. A local favorite too, this Michelin-starred restaurant charms with its beautifully plated culinary delights and its crisp white tablecloths. French elegance at its finest.

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