Toulouse, France

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Toulouse Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Toulouse

Toulouse-Sunset-Over-Garonne-RiverIf you are looking for relaxation and a gourmet atmosphere, Toulouse is the perfect spot. Nestled in the south of France, halfway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Toulouse is often called the "Pink City" because of all of the pale bricks used to construct everything from churches to houses. It is the home of Airbus Industries and the classic rustic French dish, cassoulet, as well as many other duck dishes. The gourmet food is as good as any in France, exploiting outstanding local produce, desserts, and wines.

Toulouse, with its history and cuisine, draws tourists seeking traditional, classy French accommodation. International business travellers might be looking out for high-tech, contemporary, fitness centre hotels; rugby fans, travelling to support their team are likely to be looking for a great nightlife; fortunately, Toulouse has something to satisfy everyone.

Top Things about Toulouse

Toulouse-CastleAlthough Toulouse is a big city, the historic and tourist heart is small enough to walk around, although the city is directly linked by road, rail and air to the rest of Europe.

Right in the middle of town - surrounded by a variety of Toulouse hotels - you will find the city's most famous church, the Church of Les Jacobins. A fabulous piece of architecture, this church dates back to the 13th century. The entire interior is covered in bricks of all shapes and colours. Aside from the bricks, you will also find the grave of St. Thomas Aquinas inside.

While you're in the city centre, spend some time in the Place du Capitole - Toulouse's main square. The Capitole is chock full of gourmet restaurants, coffee shops, historic architecture, and great people-watching.

Whether you dine at the Place du Capitole or somewhere else, you are in for a treat. Toulouse is home to some fabulous food. And, since it's in southern France, the cuisine uses a combination of French and Spanish techniques. For a truly local taste, try the cassoulet - a thick stew made from pork, duck, and beans. Plus, Toulouse's desserts and wines are equally outstanding!

For a unique afternoon, head 4 km west to Purpan. Originally built as a rural sanctuary by the Ancient Romans, today, Purpan still houses swimming baths and an amphitheatre that was once used for gladiator matches. The guided tours through Purpan will give you some great insight into the area's history.

Toulouse has the second largest student population in France and a history of alternative politics and art going back to the late 1930s when leftist Spaniards found refuge there from the Spanish Civil War. The creative tension this sets up with the old architecture, many of the buildings are constructed using pink bricks in the Roman style, hence the city's nickname. This along with the city's more traditional art and culture make it a lively and interesting centre for exploring south western France.

Toulouse Hotels

Toulouse accommodation is easy to find, whatever the budget. With its compact city centre, it makes sense to look for hotels near to the heart of Toulouse. The airport is close by and the railway station is in the centre, so cheap hotels in Toulouse are not difficult to find. Good hotels can also be found in the outskirts for those looking to explore the surrounding region.

Getting around by car

Toulouse Airport to Toulouse: 16 min (9.4 km) via A621

Barcelona to Toulouse: 3 h 52 min (395.5 km) via AP-7 and A61

Biarritz to Toulouse: 3 h 1 min (309.4 km) via A64

Bordeaux to Toulouse: 2 h 30 min (245.6 km) via A62

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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