Munich, Germany

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Munich Skyline You've stood at Marienplatz, at the very heart of Munich, and thoroughly surveyed the old style architecture, churches and sites around it – from the Marian column in the center of the square (Mariensäule) to the Glockenspiel (in the tower of the New Town Hall). You've ticked off the Residence, and fancied yourself as a Bavarian monarch – if only you had been born a couple centuries earlier, and your father had just happened to be the king. You indulged in your love of German cars at the BMW Welt and Museum, adding a couple items (big items) to your wish list of future purchases. Don't even get us started on the Beer Museum. You even visited in October, just so you could join the Oktoberfest festivities! Beer and dress-ups – what's not to like? That may be true, but did you know there is more to Munich than luxury cars and fermented beverages?

Fancy yourself some traditional German sausage?

Instead of the larger and much more crowded Viktualienmarkt, head over to the meat stand at Wiener Platz market. Not only is it super quaint and idyllic with its chestnut trees, maypole and water wells, you'll have the opportunity to mingle with the locals! Don't forget to check out the other wares on offer while you're there!

Do you enjoy spectator sports?

Eisbach, located in downtown Munich is affectionately known to be the birthplace of river surfing. What makes this so interesting is not only the fact that people are surfing on a river, but rather that the waves are not even real. Furthermore, it seems that up until 2010, the swimmers and surfers here, whatever the season, seemed to be ignorant to (or ignoring) the fact that swimming in the river was not actually allowed.

You wallet is feeling pretty good about your accommodation choices...

OctoberfestSo why not reward yourself? Why not start the night off with some traditional Bavarian fare at Welser Kuche? Be transported back 450 years to a banquet where you will be able to devour a spectacular spread of traditional meat dishes. Not your thing? Enjoy the beautiful chic ambience of Bogenhauser Hof as you enjoy the local flavors, curated by award-winning chef Gerhard Gleinser! If you are after some beer, head to the Taxisgarten beer garden or the Chinese Tower Beer Garden for some live Bavarian music. No trip to Munich is complete without a visit to one. Frequented by locals and visitors alike, traditional German beer gardens are perfect for people watching. For something a little different, visit Charles Schumann at, you guessed it, Schumann's. In his 70s, he has been in the bartending game for a long time and knows exactly what he's doing!

Did you ever do Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles as a kid? Were they the bane of your existence? If you did, this castle may be engrained in your memories as the many painful hours you spent trying to make sense of the one thousand white pieces that all looked exactly the same. Why not just see it in real life instead and take a photo? Saved by modern technology – again. Hire a car and drive out to Neuschwanstein Castle, where the grand palace is perched on a rugged hill above the quaint mountain village of Hohenschwangau. If you're there in September, you may be lucky enough to attend one of the Castle Concerts where the best of classical music take you on a journey. While you're there, don't forget to visit Hohenschwangau castle as well! Take in the stunning views of the Alps, and if you have time, stay a night or two among the lakes and mountains in the home of kings.

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