Athens, Greece

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Athens Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Athens

Athens-Skyline-SunriseIf you are looking for a vast collection of history and breathtaking sights, there is no better place than Athens. In fact, you can look at artefacts and buildings that have been around for thousands of years!

Not only is Athens the capital, it is also the oldest and largest city in Greece and a popular tourist destination that always offers something of interest. The popularity of Athens with visitors from all over the world means that there are plenty of hotels to accommodate them all. From small basic hostelries for those on a budget to more deluxe accommodation for tourists looking to splash out on an extravagant luxury break.

Top Things in Athens

Athens-Amphitheatre-panoramaAthens' long and fascinating history attracts many thousands of visitors who are keen to see of the relics of ancient times. Of course, the most famous sight in Athens is the Acropolis. Actually, it's one of the most famous spots in the entire world! As the ruins of the ancient temple sit elevated on a hill overlooking the city, everything about the Acropolis oozes culture dating back to the days of Ancient Greece - including inscriptions and offerings left for the Greek gods.

While you're at the Acropolis, you have to visit the Parthenon - the hilltop's most famous temple. Its white marble columns are dedicated to Athena - the patron Goddess of Athens.

Down below the Acropolis, you will find Agora. During the days of Ancient Greece, it was a bustling marketplace and one of the economic centres of the entire world. Today, Agora's ruins are chock full of exhibits that show you exactly what life was like back then.

For a taste of luxury, head to Kifissia - an affluent Athens suburb. More and more residents and visitors are heading there to escape the hustle and bustle of Athens' city limits. While you are in Kifissia, you can experience the local cuisine at a number of gourmet restaurants. Then, you can relax at one of the areas many spas, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

Kanellopoulos Museum houses a collection donated to the state by the Kanellopoulos family. It includes jewellery, statues and bronzes.

Arts and Entertainment

Bios is a popular bar in Athens, offering patrons an alternative place to relax, have a drink and enjoy the surroundings. With art exhibitions, films and live music available, the bar is frequented by Athens' arty set. Brettos is a more traditional bar where tourists can enjoy the unique decor while sampling some of the local beverages. The city's bars and cafes are the perfect places to relax after a day's shopping in the city, for example at Athens Central Market.

Athens Hotels

The wide cross-section of tourists who visit the city ensures that there is a wide range of hotels to accommodate them all. If you are lucky, you can get a room with a view of the Acropolis. Most of the hotels in Athens are near the center of town, within walking distance of the ancient hilltop. Cheap hotels in Athens come in the form of charming bed and breakfasts and one and two star hotels, which provide backpackers and budget travellers with a comfortable base while in Greece. For anyone looking for a little more in the way of creature comforts and sophistication there is an extensive choice three to five-star Athens accommodation to select from.

Getting around by car

Athens Airport to Athens: 36 min (44.1 km) via Attiki Odos/A6/E94

Thessalonica to Athens 4 h 57 min (501.9 km) via E75 and A/D PAThE/A1/E75

Heraklion to Athens (by ferry): 9 h 55 min (341.9 km) via Pireas Iraklio

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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