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Welcome to Aurelio

The neighbourhood of Aurelio is generally considered to be a modern and typically residential area of Rome where traditional restaurants and shops are the most prevalent. As it is so close to the Vatican many professional people reside in this area in order to limit the time of their daily commute and as such it is known to be a very safe part of the city. By nightfall, the public squares and cafes become very popular with the local community.

Explore the historical beauty of the area

Some of the best examples of Roman architecture can be found in or nearby this area as its location is so close to the Vatican city. Places to visit of course include Basilica di San Pietro (St Peter’s Basilica), Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museum) and Cappella Sistina (Sistine Chapel). Lesser known but still impressive is the church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, charaterised by its Byzantine architecture complete with a dome which provides a striking image against the sky and the surrounding parkland. Or stop by the ruins of Valle Aurelia Furnace.

Also worth a visit is the beautiful Villa Veschi, an expansive park which was established in the 19th century. With neo medieval and neo renaissance decorations, the highlight of the park is the tower with its main entrance being an impressive arched door which leads to various spaces lined by decorative sculptures and picturesque Italian gardens. Note that while not all areas are open to the public, you are sure to find a peaceful atmosphere in the Mediterranean essences of these exotic surrounds.

This neighbourhood is also known for its culinary culture

You will find everything from cured meats to pizzerias and patisseries in this neighbourhood as well as street side cured meat and homemade sweet vendors, and you won’t have to wander too far to find a great eatery. Dolce Alex, Retro and La Vittoria are great places to enjoy a fast and affordable snack with outdoor seating. It also affords you a great opportunity to observe local culture in a relaxed environment. If you’re after a sit down meal, Antico Arco in Piazzale Aurelio is great for contemporary Italian food in a location away from the crowds. If you can’t decide from the wide selection of dishes available, the taster menu is a great place to start. Another great option is Ferro E Ghisa with its ambient atmosphere including both indoor and outdoor seating and friendly service. Or if you would rather just have a coffee while mixing with locals of the area, the wooden café Circolo Bocciofilo San Pietro and Caffe Castroni are some of many great choices in the area.

Aurelio is a great location to stay at a reasonable price in comparison to that which you would pay in the centre of Rome. The metro line offers great service so you will have no problem travelling to areas more widely considered tourist destinations in Vatican City.

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