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Welcome to Aventino

Aventine Hill is the southernmost of the Seven Hills on which the city of Rome was built. It’s an historical site and a great and quiet place to stroll while taking in the surrounding attractions. Here you will find many religious buildings that are well worth seeing and will be able to find out more about legendary history of Rome which includes the tale of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

Delve into the history of the district

Start your tour of this area with a visit to the hill for which this neighbourhood is known. As the story goes, Romulus and Remus both chose a hill on which to base the city. While eventually it was determined that Romulus’ choice on Palatine Hill drew more positive attention from the gods, Remus’ choice was here at Avetino hill. For this reason here you will find a number of religious structures commemorating the decision including the oldest church in Rome, the Basilica of Santa Sabina.

Continue your tour by going to the ‘Hole of Rome’

Known as the Knights of Malta Keyhole from the Aventine Hill you will see a pathway that leads up to St. Peter’s dome in the distance. It’s a perfect vantage point and for a tourist attraction, is generally not too overcrowded by tourists. All it takes is a quick glimpse for a lasting memory and is well worth the view.

Or book a tour to delve deeper into Roman history!

One of the best ways to make the most of your trip is to join an organised tour where an experienced guide will take you on an afternoon trip by bus and on foot while informing you about the intricate history of the area. A well recommended tour is the Imperial Rome Afternoon Tour where within the space of three hours you will learn so much about many of the most famous sites in the area that surround this neighbourhood, at the hands of an experienced guide. Passionate about the subject matter, your knowledgeable guide will be keen to educate you on the history of the area and you will likely gain so much more than you could achieve on a self-guided tour.

If you want to live like a Roman…

Why not head to a cooking school such as Daniela’s? Conveniently located in the Aventino district, here you will learn how to shop for local ingredients while taking your time to explore the Testaccia food market and afterwards be instructed in ways to prepare food in a traditional and customized experience. After a cappuccino you can harness your Italian cooking skills at Daniela’s home in a friendly atmosphere which will include up to five courses.

If you prefer a fining dining experience then look no further than Ristorante Apuleius where you will find classic Italian cuisine in a quiet location including an extensive selection of truffles and a good list of wines.

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