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Welcome to Eur and Garbatella

Eur & Garbatella is a great place to stay if you want to experience authentic old Roman and really feel like local. This little neighbourhood is known for its beautiful parks and 1920s architecture as well as being an area that is not overcrowded by tourists but instead has a local vibe. It is also in a central location where you can easily travel to nearby attractions for a day out.

It won’t cost you a cent to do a little people watching

And as a neighbourhood that is considered to largely a traditional community of old school Romans going about their daily life, what better place to do it? It’s a quiet and relaxed part of the city where there is an abundance of diverse restaurants offering traditional Italian food. This neighbourhood is also a great place to walk and explore the residential architecture of the city. Predominantly known for its small, low rise buildings and village vibe the style of development is known as ‘Barochetto’, similar to the more well-known Baroque constructions. You will also find many quiet gardens in this area, often featuring a fountain and winding streets featuring wall murals and street art.

Just outside the district lie the Catacombs of Commodilla. Also known as underground burial places primarily dating back to the 4th century, these ancient artifacts are representative of the Christian art and cultural history of Rome and are well worth a visit if you are a history or religious afficianado. Among many other murals, here you will find one of the first known images of Christ with a beard.

Looking for something to eat?

Given its residential nature, you are sure to find a wide array of traditional Italian food and dining experiences in this area. If you’re in the neighbourhood on the weekend, head to La Fattoria Va in Citta, the Sunday Farmer’s market. Local producers will be keen offer you the Italian favourite of porchetta, a boneless and juicy roast pork tradition. You will also find a range of cheeses and sweet dishes in this popular market which are sure to tempt your appetite. If you’re after something a little more formal, some of the most popular restaurants in the area include I Tre Fratelli which is patronised largely by the local community and is recognized for offering great service and a wide selection of typically Italian dishes on the menu. La Maisonnette Ristrot is another great choice, known for its ambience and outside space that is perfect for summer dining.

Or experience an aspect of the neighbourhood’s nightlife…

If you fancy a night at the theatre and want to test your Italian language skills, head to Ambra alla Garbatella. On the program you will find an extensive array of cultural events and exhibitions, such as theatrical and musical performances, art exhibitions and a reading room. You can even have dinner and drinks there for a memorable night out on the town. Be sure to check the website in advance as the theatres schedule varies nightly.

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