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Welcome to Navona

Navona-Ruins-of-the-stadium-of-domitianThis piazza is best known for the Stadium of Domitian, where games and competitions were held in honour of the emperor of the same name. And architecturally, this neighbourhood is one of the most ornate examples of the Baroque Roman era of buildings and sculptures which include such fountains as Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and fontana del Moro, the church of Sant’Agnese in Agone. There is so much history to explore in this area that some of the lesser known monuments and attractions are easily overseen but well worth visiting.

Fancy a more extensive visit into ancient Roman history?

Then there is no better place to start than The Obelisk of Domitian. As one of the most notable obelisks in the city this is historically considered one of the greatest ruins of ancient Rome. Built as a tribute to the god this temple is a distinctive monument in the piazza. While there, be sure to explore the Fountain of the Four Rivers designed by Bernini as well as follow the footpaths through some of the most extensive examples of baroque architecture in Rome. If you’re a fan of novelist Dan Brown, then you will no doubt have seen the 2009 movie Angels and Demons featuring Tom Hanks as symbologist Robert Langdon. It is in this fountain of the Four Rivers that you will find the location of the memorable scene where the Cardinal was thrown by the Assassin but saved by the movie’s protagonist. For serious fans of the movie, why not book a tour which will include a visit to this famous piazza as well as a themed treasure hunt and journey through the nearby filming locations?

Looking for something to do before noon?

For ‘morning people’ a great flea market to visit can be found at Campo del Fiori where you will find an array of fresh vegetables, fruits as well as interesting souvenirs to take home. It’s also widely considered to be the oldest market in Rome.

For those who prefer a later start to their day, some of the other notable sites in this area include Stabilimenti Spagnoli where you can shop and absorb the surrounding atmosphere, or if you have a passion for architecture a great place to stop by is Lancellotti Palace (Palazzo Torres Massimo Lancelloti) with its decorative ceilings and picturesque courtyard or the 400 year old Church of St. Louis of the French (San Luigi dei Francesi) with its surprisingly modern architecture and significant paintings by renowned 17th century artist Caravaggio.

Feeling hungry after your tour of this area?

You won’t have to venture too far to find a great place to eat. Within about 100 metres of the Fountain of the Four Rivers in any direction you will be sure to find a popular restaurant popular where knowledgeable wait staff will be more than willing to serve you with recommendations of local favourites and menu items ranging from pizza and pasta to gelato, with many other choices in between. Some of the favourites are Taverna Parioni, Ai Balestrari, Navona Notte and Lo Zozzone but there are so many other great restaurants in this district you will surely be spoiled for choice.

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