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Welcome to Prenestino

Prenestino Tower is perhaps considered the most notable attraction in this district and it is certainly well worth a visit. It is a local institution dating back to the first century BC and with a diameter of 41 metres is the largest mausoleum of Emperor Augustus in Rome. However while this may be the first attraction you decide to explore in Prenestino, it certainly shouldn’t be the last. It’s an ancient part of the city with a number of attractions well worth attending if you are in the area.

Start your tour with a stroll

Via Prenestina is the most known street in this neighbourhood. Here you will find an interesting mix of ancient monuments set in a backdrop of more contemporary apartment buildings and an assortment of murals including the wall of mosaic plaques at Largo Preneste. Also worth a visit is Aqua Alexandrina (Acquedotti Alessandrin) which is an aqueduct built by the Emperor Alexander Severus which dates back to 226 AD. For a relaxing afternoon head to the park at Tor Tre Teste where you can have a picnic by the lake and spend time with its resident turtles, ducks and fish or if you’re feeling more energetic, take a bike ride or spend your time on the jogging track complete with assorted fitness equipment. And afterwards, while this area is not generally considered to be centrally located to the heart of Rome it has great accessibility to many of the main tourist attractions in the city by bus or train and is a great place to stay at an affordable price.

Fancy a bite to eat?

There are some great restaurants in this neighbourhood which serve authentic and reasonably priced Italian food. One popular choice is Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Scrigno Al Colle Prenestino where in a charming rustic atmosphere you will find an assortment of seafood and wood fired pizzas in generously sized portions. Other great choices include Il Pesce Fuor d’Acqua which is known for top quality cuisine in a classy setting, and is especially recommended for its seafood selections, or Tavola Azzura which has a menu of traditional Italian cuisine at an affordable price.

Or considering a night out on the town?

If you’re after a fun night out then consider Qube Roma. It’s a disco with a young, loud and vibrant feel. As it is a popular place with local residents you will find this a great three story place place to mingle with students while listening to cool tunes from local disc jockeys. The drinks are reasonably priced so it’s the perfect venue for clubbing on a Saturday night. If you prefer a more chilled atmosphere head to Cargo al Pigneto for a cool night out in a classy setting with a great selection of cocktails. It is well known for its friendly staff and relaxing music which provides a great pre-dinner vibe.

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