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Welcome to Trevi

As indicative of the name, the neighbourhood of Trevi is best known for its world famous fountain. If you spend time in this area you will of course be inclined to throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the water. Rather than being a type of wish, this practice is instead supposed to ensure that you will return to the Rome in future years. And while the Trevi Fountain will likely be your first point of interest in this part of Rome, it really is just the start of a long list to places to explore.

Exploring the area on foot?

Piazza di Trevi is the first place to start and whilst most notably famous for the iconic Trevi Fountain, the square is also a great place to mix with the locals, especially once the daily groups of tourists by night. People watching, appreciating the magnificent architecture which is exactly as you would probably have pictured you Roman architecture. Commencing from this neighbourhood, you can start a tour of the most historic sites in the surrounding neighbourhood. Some of the sites not to be missed include the 13th century church, La Chiesa di S. Francesco, with its historic artwork, woodwork and frescoes, the Villa Fabri, a 17th century villa with painted ceilings and park gardens, free to explore. After a unique souvenir from this beautiful part of the city? Then try Casa de’ Trinci where you will find locally hand-made craft items and jewellery that are sure to remind you of your time in Trevi for years to come.

If you prefer a more structured tour by a knowledgeable guide, one of the most reputable tours is Enjoy Rome where you will be able to explore the most famous sites that surround this area while guided by informative tour staff. You can even arrange a private tour for a more tailored three hour walking tour experience.

Looking for a snack after your walking tour?

One of the best places to stop by is The Gallery Café which is best known for its great ice cream and gourmet soft drinks. With its convenient location this eatery is also known for its friendly service. Or head to Bar Gelateria in Fontana di Trevi for an authentically Italian experience and one of the most well known places for gelato in the city. It is a great place to being your experience

Or why not combine both?

Enjoy a food and walking tour in this area of Rome. Together in Rome hosts a variety of diverse cultural and city tours with a focus on great places to explore the food and drink available in the area. You can enjoy a semi private tour of the area with a knowledgeable tour guide who will be able to expertly guide you on a custom designed tour.

Also in this area you will find the City of Water, Vicus Caprarius, which while a small ancient relic is well worth a visit. Here you will find a museum and unexpected architectural gem which for a small fee (approximately three euros) will provide you entrance into an archaeological site that was surprisingly only discovered in 1999.

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