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Welcome to Trionfale

If you would like an extensive tour of Rome, this neighbourhood a great way to start you trip. With its proximity so close to the Vatican it’s a great base to stay as you begin your adventure of this fascinating city.

Plenty to do at your doorstep…

What a Life Tours is a great option if you’re travelling with family. This area is also known for its street markets and a great example can be found on the Trionfale Foodie Tour. Here you will find an opportunity to experience a unique taste of Italy where, by with help of a knowledgeable tour guide, you will be able to embark on a food tour which includes fresh food and vegetables, cheese and meat. If you prefer to explore the local culinary experience try partaking in the Taste of Rome foodie tour. One such taste temptation can be found at Mercato Trionfale. It’s well worth a wander through the various fresh seafood and deli meats stalls abound.

And you don’t even have to spend a Euro to have a great day out

The Pineto Regional Park is an expansive natural space where you can embark on a walking trail or simply relax and enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by lush greenery in the sun or cool breeze depending on the time of year. It is considered to one of the most beautiful nature sanctuaries in Rome, boasting a wide variety of local flora and wildlife.

Feeling more adventurous?

Another great way to explore the area is by Roma Rent Scooter. You can explore the neighbourhood and its surrounding districts on a Vespa and a helpful guide is available to recommend the best places to explore, which is especially helpful if your time is limited. If you prefer a more traditional tour as a way to explore the area, one of the recommended ones near Trionfale can be found on the When In Rome website. With a range of tours including guided walking tours, small group tours and food and wine tours you are sure to learn a lot of interesting facts and information about the history of the area from an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Also nearby is the Stadio Olimpico. Originally built to host the 1960 Olympics, this impressively sized stadium also hosted the 1990 World Cup and is currently used to host a range of matches throughout the year most commonly for the professional Italian football club AS Roma. Check the website for ticket details as the schedule does vary depending on the season

For an exploration into the depths of Italian nightlife and mix with the locals, head to Trinity College Pub which is known for its friendly and relaxing atmosphere. It mainly serves pub style food and while outwardly it appears to be more like an Irish pub the food and vibe are most certainly Italian. And if you are really after an authentic Roman experience, Angrypig Bireeta & Porchetta may be more to your taste. Be sure to try the porchetta as it is almost a must eat when in Italy.

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