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Sweden Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Sweden

From the laidback cities in the south to the open spaces of the Arctic in the north, Sweden is a country that offers visitors a diverse selection of unique sights and experiences. There is also a large selection of accommodation options in the country which will suit most tastes and budgets.

Top Things about Sweden

Sweden-Gothenburg-Landscape-at-sunsetLocated in the northern part of Europe, with a section of its territory as far north as Lapland in the Arctic Circle, Sweden has a diverse range of attractions to offer visitors. Nature lovers are likely to be drawn to either the wide open hiking country in the reindeer’s homelands of the north, or to the many lakes and rivers that are to be found throughout the country, where fishing is a popular pastime. 

On the other hand, the city life in urban areas such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö provide a more contemporary and modern experience, with lots of restaurants and clubs as well as museums and cultural centres to provide entertainment for visitors preferring to experience the nation’s city life.

Best Cities to Visit in Sweden

Sweden-Aurora-Borealism-Northern-LightsThe city of Stockholm, in the eastern part of Sweden, presents visitors with a range of unique experiences. With a lively modern city centre, an old town section that is home to many historical treasures, and plenty of coastline and nearby islands, Stockholm is the most popular tourist destination in Sweden. 

On the western side of the country, meanwhile, Gothenburg, or Göteborg, offers attractions ranging from amusement parks to historic castles to modern multimedia entertainment centres, with a number of picturesque parks and green spaces in the city for those travelling in the summer months to enjoy. 

Another attractive Swedish city to visit is Malmö, which has earned an international reputation for its stunning architecture.

Sweden Accommodation and Hotels 

Sweden-Traditional-Meatballs-with-GravyAs a modern European nation, Sweden offers visitors a wide range of hotel and accommodation options. In cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, world-class international hotels abound, along with a full selection of boutique and more budget-friendly hotels. Further into the countryside, the accommodation options may be smaller and more rustic, but will generally still be well furnished and comfortable.

Getting around by car in Sweden

Gothenburg to Stockholm: 4 h 44 min (468.8 km) via E4 and Route 40

Malmo to Stockholm: 6 h 4 min (613.2 km) via E4

Narvik (Norway) to Stockholm: 15 h 53 min (1,412.5 km) via E4 and E10

Copenhagen to Stockholm: 6 h 33 min (657.3 km) via E4

Oslo to Stockholm: 6 h 4 min (530.1 km) via E18

Gothenburg to Malmo: 2 h 46 min (271.3 km) via E20

Copenhagen to Malmo: 47 min (44.0 km) via E20

Top Scenic Roads and Areas to Stay in Sweden

Sweden has many scenic areas that are worthy of touring. Here are a couple that we noted, one as high up as the Arctic Circle, best visited in the summer months.

Funäsdalen to Ljungdalen: 46 min (42.0 km) via Vallarvägen

Kiruna to Narvik (Norway): 2 h 16 min (177.9 km) via E10

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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