Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Stockholm

Stockholm-City-Aerial-PanoramaNestled on Sweden's east coast, Stockholm is made up of 14 different islands that all lie between Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea. With plenty of bridges and ferries connecting them, your trip can encompass all of them! The city is an enlightening mix of modern buildings, green space and places with a little more history to them. It is a very cosmopolitan city, well known for its friendly and polite inhabitants. The weather is rather cold in the winter, with temperatures into the minuses, but this adds to the appeal of the city for tourists that like winter holidays and, in particular, winter sports. In the summer, Stockholm also attracts many visitors and the temperatures can rise to above 20 degrees Celsius. In June, there are nearly 24 hours of sunlight in a day due to how far north in Europe Sweden is located. It does not often rain in Stockholm, so this opens up more opportunities for exploring and days out, without getting wet!

Travelling around Stockholm is made easy, by their clearly defined public transport maps. You can travel by train, metro, bus and, of course, boats between the little islands. Cycling is very popular in the city, and there are dedicated cycle paths for the different routes. Hiring a cycle is cheap, or, if you have invested in good shoes, take a walking tour to see all the best sights!


Stockholm-Parliment-BuildingThe history of Stockholm is interesting, and many tourists come because of this - in addition to being attracted to the city because there are plenty of things to do. Stockholm originated more than 700 years ago as a tar, fur, and copper trading town. Today, that commercial spirit still shines through in Stockholm's vast shopping choices. In fact, there are three major shopping districts right in the middle of the city! Swedish designs are world-renowned, particularly clothing and decorated glass. You will find lots of branded clothing stores in the SoFo area, and at Store Stockholm there is even more choice for clothing. If high fashion is not your thing, then there are plenty of second-hand clothing stores as well, where often you will find special items for knockdown prices. Supermarkets, interior design stores and electronic shops are also located in the suburban centre, so you are bound to find whatever you need without having to venture very far. Inner-city shops tend to close on a Sunday, with the exception of the grocery stores and convenience shops.


If you want to stop for something to eat, it is a popular Swedish tradition to have a coffee and a cookie - called fika. There are coffee shops on almost every corner, so you are guaranteed to find a space! For something a little more filling, try out the Swedish version of a smorgasbord, which is called a julbord. Pickled fish, meats, bread and cheeses make up this platter, which is great for sharing. In Stockholm, you will find plenty of international food, such as Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and all the usual fast food chains too.

Top Attractions in Stockholm

There is a lot to see and do in Stockholm. If you want to indulge your regal side, head to Gamla Stan - also known as the “Old Town". That is where you can watch the changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace, and take a look at Drottningholm Palace, where the Swedish monarchy resides. For even more insight into Swedish history, visit one of the museums. The incredible Vasa museum boasts a 17th Century warship within its collection, as well as many other ancient artefacts, and the Skansen open-air museum has lots of historical buildings and items. While you are in the area, visit the open-air zoo, which is home to lots of Scandinavian animals such as bison and brown bear, as well as other animals from around the world.

The Stockholm archipelago is a wonderful natural sight to admire, and guided tours can take you around all the best bits. For even more enjoyment of the natural world, be sure to wander round one of the many parks. There is a good reason why Stockholm was crowned the first 'green' capital of Europe!

If you are travelling with children, they are sure to love the Gröna Lund, which is an amusement park found on the island of Djurgården. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to stop for a bite in, once you have tried out the dozens of attractions! This extremely popular amusement park also hosts concerts throughout the year. Other events that attract tourists, include the jazz festival at Skeppsholmen in July, and a summer music festival called 'Where the Action Is', which happens on Djurgården.

Arts and Entertainment

There are lots of art galleries and exhibition centres in Stockholm too. To begin with, visit the National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde. Whilst you are wandering around, you will also find lots of little stalls and shops selling art and crafts . Even the subway is full of paintings!

Stockholm is also one of Europe's trendiest cities. The town is home to plenty of film directors, musicians, actors, and fashion designers. Most of them call the Soder neighbourhood home, if you want to take a look at Stockholm's ritziest area.


In keeping with its trendiness, Stockholm has a vibrant nightlife. There are plenty of bars and clubs where you can have a good time until the wee hours of the morning. Drinks are fairly expensive, which of course, saves on the hangover the next day if you are on a budget. Try the national drink, brännvin - which is like schnapps - whilst you are in one of the chilled out venues in the Kungsholmen area; or, you could just choose to dance the night away in one of the clubs in the vibrant Stureplan district. There are many cheaper and more homely pubs around the Götgatan area. Most bars close at around 1am, and the trendier clubs are likely to have a smart dress code.

Stockholm Accommodation

So, what about the accommodation? Are they just as trendy? Hotels in Stockholm are just as unique as the people. Stockholm hotels range from funky, to historic, to luxurious. No matter what your style is, you can find it in Stockholm. If you are looking for accommodations right near all of the action, browse through the variety of choices from the city centre eastward. The further east you go, the more cheap Stockholm hotels you will find.

Small, boutique hotels will cost a fair bit of money in the centre, but if you have the cash to splurge then it is worth spoiling yourself in Stockholm. There are also the large hotel chains that have all kinds of room options, and come complete with spa facilities and other trimmings such as Internet access and room service. You can enjoy yourself just as much without spending too much, however. Simply look around for the good choice of hostels, B&Bs and apartment rooms. If you do not mind sharing some facilities with others, you can get a good deal. In particular, look out for places away from the city centre as they will be lower priced. As long as you stay near a metro station or bus stop, you will easily find yourself back in the hub of Stockholm!

Getting around by car

Gothenburg to Stockholm: 4 h 44 min (468.8 km) via E4 and Route 40

Malmo to Stockholm: 6 h 4 min (613.2 km) via E4

Narvik to Stockholm: 15 h 53 min (1,412.5 km) via E4 and E10

Copenhagen to Stockholm: 6 h 33 min (657.3 km) via E4

Oslo to Stockholm: 6 h 4 min (530.1 km) via E18

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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