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Turkey Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to Turkey 

This place is like no other, a mix of East and West, between Europe and Asia, giving it a special quality that attracts travellers to its numerous attractions every year.

Top Things about Turkey 

Turkey-Cappadocia-Valley-Hot-Air-BallooningTurkey offers a variety of activities and experiences to visitors, whether they are looking to learn about the unique culture and history of the country, relax on a warm, sandy beach, or shop until they drop. 

There are a number of world-class museums located throughout Turkey, including the Pera Museum and the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, both of which are located in Istanbul. They allow interested travellers to discover more about the country’s long and varied history and admire the beautiful art and precious artefacts contained within their walls.

Whether on the lookout for simple souvenirs or beautiful handcrafted items by local artisans, Turkey is a pleasure for any shopaholic, and is home to one of the largest covered markets in the world - the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Turkey is also home to a number of seaside resort areas on three seas - the Mediterranean, the Aegean, and the Black Sea.

Best Cities to Visit

Turkey-Kaputas-Beach-KasAny visitor to Turkey should not miss the opportunity to explore the capital and largest city in country, Istanbul. The capital’s natural beauty and stunning architecture is enhanced by the fine art and artefacts that are on display in various venues, such as the Istanbul Mosaic Museum and the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. Sile, which can be found about 70 kilometres from Istanbul, is a resort on the Black Sea offering beautiful white sand beaches, and is the perfect place to relax. Marmaris is another city by the sea - this time the Mediterranean; it is located in the south-western part of Turkey, and offers everything needed for a wonderful seaside holiday. 

Turkey Hotels and Accommodation

Turkey-Traditional-Meatball-dishAccommodation in Turkey spans the budget spectrum, and in most cases successfully manages to avoid skimping on quality at the lower end of the scale. With its long history as an idyllic holiday destination, the hotels in the country are fully equipped to offer everything a visitor requires, whether it is Wi-Fi access or the arrangement of a tour or excursion. Turkey is also home to a number of quaint, locally owned bed and breakfast-type establishments, and more traditional guest houses.

Getting around by car in Turkey

Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Istanbul: 24 min (19.5 km) via D100

Izmir to Istanbul: 6 h 12 min (480.1 km) via E881

Ankara to Istanbul: 4 h 48 min (449.6 km) via E80

Ankara to Cappadocia: 3 h 30 min (290.5 km) via K?r?kkale K?r?ehir Yolu

Thessaloniki to Istanbul: 6 h 39 min (594.6 km) via E90

Top Scenic Roads in Turkey and Areas to Stay

The best time to drive in Turkey is in spring when the temperature is cooler and the flowers and nature is waking up.

Datca Mahalles to Marmaris 1 h 13 min (71.5 km) via D400 was recently voted by a leading Turkish newspaper as the best road in Turkey.  But there are many others that are also spectacular. But no road trip to turkey would be complete without glimpsing Cappadocia.

The Ihlara Valley – Cappadocia: The world famous Ihlara Valley is a 14 km long gorge is in south Cappadocia, home to over 100 churches and an approximately 4,000 homes carved into the cliffs and stacks. Stopping your car and doing some ballooning over Cappadocia lets you take in the stunning views from a different dimension. 

Accommodation, driving and car rental

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