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London City Centre Centre Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome to London City Centre 


London-City-Center-Typical-Symbols-of-LondonThe central London city area is one of the world’s busiest places. Thousands of tourists arrive in the city each day to make the most of the attractions that are on offer and even staying within the heart of the city, there is plenty to see and do. The London City district is the perfect place for a short break, although there are so many attractions that a longer holiday might be a better option. 


London is a top destination for those who want a great choice of hotels and the London City area has a large number of them. There are plenty of budget options for those who want to save some money but luxury hotels are also available. There have also been a number of spa hotels developed recently so a bit of pampering after a long day’s sightseeing can be the perfect way to make the most of your time out. The budget hotels are usually part of well-known chains, so guests can be sure of the quality of their accommodation.

Top 5 things to do

  1. The London City district - also known as the Square Mile - is the financial heart of the city. Some iconic buildings have been developed in the Square Mile, including one whose shape has given rise to its nickname, ‘The Gherkin’. For those interested in understanding London's influence on the world marketplace, a quick tour of the area will uncover some of the most influential companies around.
  2. In order to fully appreciate what the city has to offer, a tour is a must, and there are plenty of open topped buses that are ideal for getting good views.
  3. Alternatively, taking one of the river tours can give a different perspective on the city.
  4. If you’re interested in cultural pursuits, then spending an afternoon at places such as the Museum of London is the perfect way to pass the time. The Monument to the Great Fire of London is an additional option for those interested in finding out more about a momentous event in English history and one that had a profound influence on the development of London from a bustling town to the sprawling metropolis we know today.
  5. St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the city’s best-known landmarks. Recognisable as the location of the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the cathedral is open to the public at certain times and is ideal if architecture is an interest.

Eating out

London-City-Center-City-Hall-and-the-ShardThe restaurants in the area of London City vary wildly. Almost every cuisine in the world can be tried; however, all visitors should try a traditional pub meal. Traditional British dishes such as fish and chips or cottage pie are widely available and are simple foods that taste great and will not break the bank. There are plenty of cafes in London where a snack can be enjoyed while on a break or at lunchtime. For the evening, fine dining is an option with a number of luxury restaurants located in the heart of the city. 

Other cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, French, and Indian are also widely available so all tastes are catered for. Plenty of options are available for those who want to grab a snack on the go as the city is filled with fast food restaurants.

Exploring the city area on foot is a good idea as in the side streets there are plenty of hidden gems where a good meal can be found for only a small outlay.


London is known for its nightlife and there are plenty of options available in London City for those who want to party until the early hours of the morning. Nightclubs are popular with plenty of options for people on a limited budget. There are clubs that specialise in one type of music such as dance music or 80s nostalgia, and these are particularly popular with the student population of the city.

Alternatively, the city is filled with pubs for those who want to try a traditional British beer or simply have a few drinks with friends. Most of the pubs in the London City area offer meals and bar snacks so it is very easy to make a night of it without having to go on somewhere else. Pub culture is very different in the UK from other parts of the world, and it is something that should not be missed out on when visiting the city.

Arts and entertainment

Many people come to London to catch a show but the West End may be out of reach for some financially. The Bridewell Theatre can be found just off Fleet Street in the City of London, and this is known for its independent productions that showcase work by up and coming talents. Touring theatre companies regularly make use of the facilities at the Bridewell and there are regular lunchtime shows timed for those who work in the area and just have an hour’s break. Theatregoers can relax in the bar after a show. 

The Barbican Centre is very well known and can be found in the northern part of the City of London and events there range from plays to classical concerts to exhibitions.

Alternatively, there are plenty of galleries and museums. Dr Johnson’s House is a must for those with an interest in this iconic figure and there is the Museum of London, which is filled with exhibits that will keep people of all ages busy for hours.

Parks and the outdoors

The actual City of London area has no large parks but instead some smaller green areas where visitors can find tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle. There is a formal garden at Finsbury Circus that does have a bowling green and is complete with a bandstand. It is the ideal place to enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch. 

An alternative to a park or garden is to take a stroll along the Thames. There are new paths now in place that enable people in the City of London to access the riverside. 

For something a little different, the ruins of the church of St Dunstan in the East are now a public garden. The church was destroyed during the war but the original building dated back to 1100 and it is a great place for those who are interested in the history of the city. The ruin is Grade I listed and the gardens an oasis of peace away from the hectic pace of surrounding area.

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